Emacs chess library and client

JohnWiegley has written a chess mode. It plays against crafty and gnuchess. You can also play on Internet Chess Servers, like FICS.


A possible computer opponent if you are not playing against a fellow human.

Note the license: Crafty is freeware and is copyrighted by Bob Hyatt. Parts of the Macintosh port are copyrighted by Lloyd Lim and by Metrowerks. You can do anything you want with Crafty, as long as it isn’t for any commercial purpose.

Internet Chess Servers

MarkOakden has written an Emacs mode for communication with internet chess servers (FICS , ICC, etc.) It handles the text part of the session, so unless you like playing in ASCII, you’ll still need a board such as XBoard ( )

The chess.el project also contains an unrelated implementation of ICS communication, called chess-ics.el. To startup chess.el against a ICS server, use C-u M-x chess RET ics RET

Chess Piece Images

If you are looking for chess piece images in XPM format, suitable for use with XBoard then you might wish to look at Better XBoards ( )