My name is Chmouel Boudjnah (chmouel) and I am a French living in Sydney, Australia.

I use EmacsForDOS, and on GNU/Linux at work and at home since a couple of years (7).


Some of my code i like to keep (got to put somewhere in the wiki but i hardfly find where) :

;; Search Google at point:
(defun my-search-google (w)
  "Launch google on the Word at Point"
   (list (let* ((word (thing-at-point 'symbol))
				(input (read-string (format "Google%s: " 
                                (if (not word) "" (format " (default %s)" word))))))
		   (if (string= input "") (if (not word) 
                       (error "No keyword to search given") word) input) ;sinon input
  (browse-url (format "http:/" w))
(global-set-key (read-kbd-macro "C-c j")		'my-search-google)
;;Compilation Frame (i should really use special-display-regexps instead)
(defvar my-compilation-frame 'nil)
(defun my-compilation-frame ( )
  (if (not (frame-live-p my-compilation-frame))
        (select-frame (or (and (frame-live-p my-compilation-frame) my-compilation-frame)
                          (setq my-compilation-frame 
                                (make-frame '((name . "*Compilation*")(minibuffer . t)
                                              (width . 100)(height . 15)
                                              )) )))
        (switch-to-buffer "*compilation*")
        (modify-frame-parameters my-compilation-frame (list (cons 'menu-bar-lines 0)))
        (setq buffer-read-only t)
        (set-visited-file-name "")
      (if (eq (selected-frame) my-compilation-frame) 
          (delete-frame my-compilation-frame)
        (select-frame-set-input-focus my-compilation-frame)))
(global-set-key '[(f6)]     'my-compilation-frame)
;; Fast from switches (i know there is posting-styles personalities and such but i just need that mostly
(defvar my-email-adresses
  '(("") ("")(""))
(defun my-email-adress-switch ()
	(let* ((completion-ignore-case t)
		   (item (assoc-ignore-case
				  (completing-read "Email adress: " my-email-adresses nil t)
		   (email-adress (car item)))
	  (if (re-search-forward "^From:" nil t)
		  (delete-region (point) (progn (end-of-line)(point)))
		(insert "From:"))
	  (insert (concat " " user-full-name " <" email-adress ">"))
	  (if (not (eolp))(insert "\n"))


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