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XEmacs Versus Emacs

LawrenceMitchell - thanks for adding some replies/corrections. I’m still in the process of learning. A lot of this was just notes to myself as I convered my .emacs between the two flavors and ported some elisp


I’ve run into a bug in NoGnus+XEmacs that has caused me a good bit of frustration to try and solve. This caused me to try and figure out if it was my configuration,XEmacs,or gnus so I had to try out regular Emacs. I’ve finally gotten a loadable config on both and I wrote down a lot of what I did in the process.

I’m keeping a running list of what I find different and since it may be useful to some other people, I’m putting it up on the wiki. If you know of a solution to anything I mention, please place it here and if people are interested, I’ll refactor into real pages.

I’m using CVS Emacs since it seems to be pretty mature from everyone that does a lot of elisp. CVS XEmacs has been too unstable to use.

You can set the scrollbar side with set-scroll-bar-mode.
See the documentation for scroll-bar-mode for possible values.
M-x customize-face RET default RET, probably.
That’s true… The problem I was color specifiers v. color names :)
  (defun describe-face-at-point ()
    "Give the name of the faces at point."
    (message (prin1-to-string (extent-face (extent-at (point) 
CVS Emacs’ M-x describe-face RET picks up the face at point
via read-face-name
temp-buffer-resize-mode, probably.
You can download it off the web, and it runs fine. Other than that,
try partial-completion-mode
See MultiTTYSupport.
No it doesn’t, help-mode-setup explicitly sets
buffer-read-only to nil.
Lots of things don’t really need byte-compilation :).
That’s true. It looks to be very hard to change the .elc ( lread.c )
FSF returns files and directories
XEmacs returns only files by default
This is true, yes. load-file does not redefine variables.
This is deliberate, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to customize variables
before loading files.
cvs-examine is autoloaded, so no need to require it.
Similarly, C-h S does info lookup of the symbol at point.
Customize the fringe face.
In fact, see the Fringe customization items in the Frames
Ah thanks!
Emacs doesn’t have specifiers. In fact, it has far fewer first-class
data-types full-stop. For example, while XEmacs has a separate data-type
for keymaps, Emacs just uses lists whose car is the symbol

Packages that I have to supply for Emacs

Packages that I have to supply for XEmacs

Packages I like

There are lots of packages I really like for Emacs though this is a very partial list.

Commands I find useful

Every now and then, a command pops up that I think “WOW, how did I live without that”. Worse than that, I seem to forget about things from time to time