I use GNU Emacs, mostly on GNU/Linux (Debian and Red Hat).

I’ve tried XEmacs, but something about it puts me off. I’ve never quite been able to put my finger on it. I still think there are some cool things in XEmacs that I’d like to see in GNU Emacs.

I’m especially looking forward to a really usable Emacs for Mac OS X. Ideally, it would be Cocoa rather than Carbon, and would behave just slightly more like other Mac OS X applications. (I generally hate Mac OS editors – my old favorite was Alpha, in the absence of Emacs.)

Welcome to the wiki. Isn’t there a native port of Emacs using Cocoa? There are tons of links on EmacsForMacOS, including a link to a version 20.7 built with Cocoa (or so the text claims). – AlexSchroeder
Yea, JorgenSchaefer actually used it for quite a while (months) before giving up his powerbook. – DougAlcorn
Just to get this right - JorgenSchaefer used a Dual G4 Mac with Mac OS X at work for a while (months). Then I changed the job. :) I used the version from, but that’s pretty outdated (2002) by now. – JorgenSchaefer
Emacs from CVS works well on OS X. I’ve been using it since last summer. – anon
Looks like you should try our AquamacsEmacsDavidReitter

I’ve mostly been using SubEthaEdit for HTML and CSS and TeXShop for minor LaTeX editing, but I’ve just built a new CVS Emacs and it looks really great. (It also looks like it handles PDFTeX and display pretty similarly to TeXShop, which is very cool.) I added some information about building it for DarwinPorts to the EmacsForMacOS page. Now all I have to do is port my .emacs over…. --ClaireConnelly