I’ve been using some kind of vi for ten years and have had a love-hate relationship with Emacs for about five years. I used to use ViperMode when I was still attached to vi key mappings, but I’ve weened myself off vi now. I used to use PlannerMode for personal organisation but I’ve found OrgMode more suitable for my needs. I work with Stata and R a lot, so I’ve installed EmacsSpeaksStatistics but so far I’ve only been using ESS for syntax highlighting.

There’s still so much I’d like to learn about Emacs.

Welcome to the wiki --PierreGaston

I have likewise used vi for some time (since I was 13 I think), and dabbled in Emacs for a few years, then committed a week ago. I have since learned the ropes very quickly, and I suppose I am an addict now. I think I could help with certain aspects of the (apparently incomplete?) transition. Contact me at hanumizzle AT gmail DOT com for any questions. Just nothing statistics related; I’m not a ‘math person’.

ViperMode? I find the default Emacs bindings easy enough to work with, if one positions the hands creatively (and I really only type with one hand). I am still young, perhaps habits are easier to break at this stage. --hanumizzle