Comments on 2016-05-15

FWIW, now the links, buttons, and some other text at the bottom of each page seem to be in Italian (?).

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Salva Anteprima

And even the Recent Changes page shows Italian (?):

Ultime modifiche, Modifiche negli ultimi 7 giorni, Elenca tutte le modifiche, cronologia, minore, nuovo, etc.

But resetting the cookie seems to take care of it. How/why it got changed, I don’t know.

DrewAdams 2016-05-15 14:39 UTC

Hm. I’ll try and get rid of the nginx cache over the summer. People getting cached pages in the wrong language has been annoying me for too long.

Alex Schroeder 2016-05-15 18:02 UTC

I wonder whether these issues have all been resolved, now? I just fixed another issue that prevented me from getting the German menu links at the bottom (Edit this page → Diese Seite bearbeiten).

Alex Schroeder 2016-05-28 12:06 UTC

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