Comments on 2017-01-19

Maybe you could add [^0-9IO] (or word boundaries?) around the phone number regexp to prevent it from matching dates and number sequences in URLs? Those seem to be most common false positives.

– npostavs 2017-01-19 16:14 UTC

I’ve been playing around with it on – if I use \b([1I]([-. ]*[0-9IO]){9,10})\b I still get a match on spell-number.el:

(defun spelln-str (str gender-sym &optional places)
  (let ((len (length str))
	(power10 [1 10 100 ; etc, up to 1000000, removing triggering text so I can edit this page


Alex Schroeder 2017-01-19 21:25 UTC

All the spammer phone numbers seem to start with 1 8xx, maybe \b([1I][-. ]*8([-. ]*[0-9IO]){8,9})\b?

– npostavs

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