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I have used ange-ftp with windows ftp client successfully on Windows XP for several years. Now I moved to Windows Seven and it stopped work properly (with exactly the same emacs version). It took me quite a while to understand that, on Seven, the hash command does not include a newline in the end. Then you get things like

####226 Transfer complete.

instead of


226 Transfer complete.

simple solution…

(setq ange-ftp-send-hash nil)

– Vasco Lopes Paulo 2012-05-03 18:23 UTC


Thanks for your great info about ange-ftp windows hosts

One small correction to the code that worked for me:

It should be either (1) or (2):


(msdos (string-match “200 .+off” line)) + (if (not msdos)


(msdos (string-match “200 .+on” line)) + (if msdos

– Anonymous 2015-06-02 09:29 UTC

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