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Supported Languages


Ant Assembler ASP Awk BASIC BETA C C++ C# COBOL DOS Batch Eiffel Erlang Flex Fortran HTML Java JavaScript Lisp Lua Make MATLAB Objective Caml Pascal Perl PHP PL/SQL Python (Pyrex/Cython) REXX Ruby Scheme Shell scripts (Bourne/Korn/Z) S-Lang SML (Standard ML) Tcl TeX Vera Verilog VHDL Vim YACC

C:\EMACS\NTEmacs\bin>.\etags --help

These are the currently supported languages, along with the default file names and dot suffixes:

  ada        .ads .adb .ada
  asm        .a .asm .def .inc .ins .s .sa .S .src
  c          .c .h
  c++        .C .c++ .cc .cpp .cxx .H .h++ .hh .hpp .hxx .M .pdb
  c*         .cs .hs
  cobol      .COB .cob
  erlang     .erl .hrl
  forth      .fth .tok
  fortran    .F .f .f90 .for
  html       .htm .html .shtml
  java       .java
  lisp       .cl .clisp .el .l .lisp .LSP .lsp .ml
  lua        .lua .LUA
  makefile   Makefile makefile GNUMakefile
  objc       .lm .m
  pascal     .p .pas
  perl       .pl .pm
  php        .php .php3 .php4
  postscript .ps .psw
  proc       .pc
  prolog     .prolog
  python     .py
  scheme     .oak .sch .scheme .SCM .scm .SM .sm .ss .t
  tex        .bib .clo .cls .ltx .sty .TeX .tex
  texinfo    .texi .texinfo .txi
  yacc       .y .y++ .ym .yxx .yy

– xyzzy 2012-08-29 05:10 UTC

For Objective-C user

ExuberantCtags Version 5.8 does not support objc. Cygwin etags (standalone 21.4.22) fails to pick up C functions within @implementation - @end. etags in GNU Emacs (24.2.50) works fine.

– xyzzy 2012-08-29 05:33 UTC

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