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Why does DefTheme redirect here?

It’s a separate package, and was only introduced in Emacs 23.

I’m intrigued by how the “trival” information in the old DefTheme page that is not currently part of ColorTheme (since, again, DefTheme and ColorTheme are separate packages) was deep-sixed.

MichaelPaulukonis 2013-10-24 20:57 UTC

1. The feature is “custom themes”, not “deftheme”. There are lots of functions etc. related to the feature. ‘deftheme’ is just one macro related to the feature. The Customize is the main user interface provided, and the first place for a user to start. See the manual, for instance.

2. There was almost no information on page DefTheme. I believe I incorporated it into page ColorTheme. If you think I left out something important, feel free to add it. The manual is the main place to learn about the feature. The wiki can provide useful additional info.

3. It would be best to either (a) rename page ColorTheme to something like CustomOrColorTheme or (b) create a separate page for CustomTheme. However:

If you would like to do #3, please do. All I tried to do was (a) correct deftheme → custom theme, (b) discuss custom theme and color theme together (e.g. a beginning of a comparison), (c) update the ColorTheme information somewhat.

In the end, we should have info about both custom themes and color themes (they are both useful, even for Emacs 24), including info about the differences. If this info is spread over more than one page then there should be cross-refs among them. Existing references to DefTheme and ColorTheme should be updated to point to the right (new) page(s).

I was just trying to add info and clean things up a bit. Feel free to improve it more. I agree 100% that ColorTheme is not the right page name for providing info about both.

DrewAdams 2013-10-24 23:41 UTC

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