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This page is out of date for icomplete in 24.4+. Should it be removed to avoid giving inaccurate info?

JeremyMoore 2016-10-08 19:17 UTC

What’s out-of-date about it? I use Emacs 24.5 daily with Icomplete mode (and Emacs 25.1, until it crashes). AFAICT, everything written on this page is still relevant. Be specific about what you think needs updating.

DrewAdams 2016-10-08 21:21 UTC

Sorry, that wasn’t very helpful of me.

A lot of this page seems to date back to the days when icomplete showed a list of possible completions but provided no way to interact with that list. There’s very little here about the versions which support cycling and completion with ‘C-j’. I gather from the mailing list archives that it should be usable as an iswitchb replacement, so I came here hoping for some tips on making it more iswitchb-like. However, at the moment there’s no hint that icomplete even applies to buffer- and file-name completion.

Looking at the page again, I would rather say it’s out of date due to being incomplete instead of inaccurate. I do question these bits though:

I’ll aim to come back in a while to fill some content in, but I haven’t yet figured out a sane way to use the mode.

JeremyMoore 2016-10-20 13:54 UTC

1. I added mention of selecting completion candidates. Feel free to add more description of Icomplete mode.

2. `(icomplete-mode 99)is how to turn it on. That’s what ‘define-minor-mode’ provides. I changed 99 to 1, so as not to suggest that 99 is special - but neither is 1.

3. Yes, it is unfortunate (IMHO) that `C-.’ and `C-,’ are used by Icomplete mode. But I would probably say the same thing about any keys taken by it. [Icomplete+] fixes that, as mentioned, by providing cycling as a separate mode.

4. In general, adding candidate selection/cycling to Icomplete mode makes it a poor-man’s Ido. (IMHO, Icomplete is most useful as a preview, not as a means of choosing a candidate.)

5. IswitchB still works fine, BTW.

DrewAdams 2016-10-20 14:41 UTC

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