Comments on MinorMode

How to check if a minor mode is active?

Test the value of the mode variable. Example: (if delete-selection-mode ...)

The mode variable might not be known, so you can add this protection:

(if (bound-and-true-p unknown-mode)

But some minor modes don’t have a variable, e.g., auto-fill-mode. – rubikitch

True. I was going to say “File a bug”, but checking the code defining ‘auto-fill-mode’ I see this comment:

(put 'auto-fill-function :minor-mode-function 'auto-fill-mode)
;; FIXME: turn into a proper minor mode.
;; Add a global minor mode version of it.
(defun auto-fill-mode (&optional arg)

So I guess the answer is: (1) file a bug, (2) volunteer to fix the code. ;-) – DrewAdams

I filed a bug: #2470. – DrewAdams

How do I ensure that a mode is always active/enabled? For example, I’d like electric-pair-mode to always be on.

– wickedjargon 2017-12-20 05:10 UTC

From the manual: “Some minor modes are global: while enabled, they affect everything you do in the Emacs session, in all buffers. Other minor modes are buffer-local; they apply only to the current buffer, so you can enable the mode in certain buffers and not others.”

Some modes offer both, some-mode and global-some-mode. If the minor mode you are interested in does not offer that, you could still add it to a hook. One very generic hook would be find-file-hook, for example.

– Alex Schroeder 2017-12-20 06:23 UTC

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