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Does anybody have any details on the replacement (?) of org-publish with ox-publish (et alia) ?

I’ve added in a few links, but am by no means an expert, having come to org just in the past couple of week.

MichaelPaulukonis 2013-05-21 17:18 UTC

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Org.el is now part of CVS Emacs. Great!

Google’s Code Hosting feature has a new wiki engine. Syntax is a simplified version of MoinMoin. Here’s the neat bit: all changes are checked into the subversion repository in the wiki directory – each file has a *.wiki extension. Would it be possible to use org-mode to edit these? ‘Publish’ would be bound to ‘svn-checkin’ (or however that works). They support tags, too! Here’s the announcement:

The HTML exporter define anchor for section and subsection to navigate the document, is it possible to name the anchor like the section number it point to ?

If I have sections 1, 1.1, 1.2 and 2, the section 1.1 has an anchor called sec-2, section 2 has an anchor called 4, why not using sec-1.1, sec-1.2, sec-2 ?

Regards. – DanielDehennin

I use the Icalendar export capability to include my tasks to a shared webbased calendar.

I use mutli-state TODOs, I want them to appear in the ics file only for 1 state, example: #+SEQ_TODO: TO-PLAN WAITING CONFIRMED DONE

I output to the shared calendar only CONFIRMED tasks, others are for my personal organisation.

As I don’t want to export everything I modified ‘org-print-icalendar-entries’ to add a condition: only print entries which don’t match a regexp (only interesting part is past):

        (when (not (string-match my-org-ical-exclude hd))
          (princ (format "BEGIN:VEVENT
                         (org-ical-ts-to-string ts "DTSTART")
                         (org-ical-ts-to-string ts2 "DTEND" inc)

(setq my-org-ical-exclude "\\(TO-PLAN\\|WAITING\\|DONE\\)")

May be a better way to do this is to have special #+ICAL_EXCLUDE/#+ICAL_INCLUDE ?

Regards. – DanielDehennin

Are there any plans to integrate OrgMode with Oddmuse and OddmuseMode? I’m planning to start planning using OrgMode but since I collaborate with co-workers I need something bidirectional. The files in ~/org are not. But since I’m also evaluating OddmuseMode I thought a combination might be a very good idea. You immediately gain published plans. One would have to write a modul for Oddmuse, obviously, to understand the special markup. In this the user-defined keywords from OrgMode might be placed onto a specially named page.

Well, this is just brainstorming and since I didn’t actually use OrgMode for anything yet I might be talking rubbish. But it sounds good to me. --StefanKamphausen

For somebody like me, it would be far easier to add Org Mode’s markup rules to Oddmuse as a module. Then you could just use org-mode to write and oddmuse-mode to post. – AlexSchroeder

I envision a work-cycle like this:

  • M-x oddmuse-edit (Wiki, Page) (instead of find-file)
  • auto-mode-alist decides to put this in OrgMode
  • OrgMode-editing
  • M-x oddmuse-post (instead of save-buffer)
  • Then an oddmuse-org-mode-markup-Modul takes care of the rendering.

There are however some details, like the user-defined keywords in OrgMode and probably lots of other stuff that I don’t know about yet. Features like integration of OddMuse’s blogging setup and calender-extension could be really neat. Ah, and HTML-checkboxes and JavaScript-Tree-Views and … oh sorry ;-) – StefanKamphausen

How does one implement this in Org? I have a library book that needs to be returned, but i don’t want it showing up in my things to do until 3 days before it is due. In HowmMode (which I currently use) I would simply set the a deadline with advance notice to 3 and I’m done. – PeterMielke

Is this what you want ?

    You can specify a different lead time for warnings for a specific
    deadlines using the following syntax.  Here is an example with a
    warning period of 5 days `DEADLINE: <2004-02-29 Sun -5d>'


Local TODO list?

I see org has a global todo list which shows todo items from every agenda files. Is there a todo list command which shows todo items only from the current file in the same agenda buffer format as the global todo list?

Yes. There are many ways to do this.

1. You can use “<” to restrict the TODO list to the current buffer or “<<” to restrict it to the current headline.

2. You can add a filetag at the top of the file and then filter the TODO list by tag using “/”.

3. You can write a custom agenda command that uses a different value for org-agenda-files. See


Thanks. It seems I have lot to learn about org-mode. 😊

Before I saw your answer I came up with an other solution which fits my current approach, since at the moment I use files for context, so I always want buffer restricted todo lists:

(add-hook 'org-mode-hook 'my-org-mode-stuff)

(defun my-org-mode-stuff ()
  (local-set-key (kbd "<f12>")
                 (lambda (arg)
                   (interactive "P")
                   (let ((org-agenda-files (list (buffer-file-name))))
                       (org-todo-list arg))))

If I start to use more org features I may switch to one of the methods you listed. Thanks again.

After a good nights sleep using the info you gave me I came up with an other solution which is less hackish, since it uses the regular user interface and it pushes the necessary keys automatically to show a buffer restricted todo list:

(add-hook 'org-mode-hook 'my-org-mode-stuff)

(defun my-org-mode-stuff ()
  (local-set-key (kbd "<f12>")
                 (lambda ()
                   (push ?t unread-command-events)
                   (push ?< unread-command-events)
                   (call-interactively 'org-agenda)))

This is better than the previous one, because the agenda buffer shows the proper list even after a refresh. The previous solution showed the global todo list in that case.

I recently had to calculate the differences between log file timestamps. Eventually I figured out how to do this with emacs calc mode, and put the results together in org-mode spreadsheet tables. Here’s my writeup on emacs, calc, org-mode, and timestamps.

Phil Hollenback

Agree, org-mode “.org” export to MoinMoin “.wiki” format would be fantastic. I don’t think the original request was made clearly enough, I am just reiterating that there is a need. is an Org-Mode “spreadsheet” to help you focus on your ShouldDOs, activities you should be doing to achieve results/outcomes/impact. tracks your weekly progress as a “score” (where perfect equals 100) as you perform these activities.

Could somebody replace flet in org-todo-at-date? flet is deprecated in 24.3 and I failed to do it on my own.

BobGreene 2015-11-25 17:13 UTC

org-todo-at-date: Unfortunately, replacing flet with cl-flet is not enough.

BobGreene 2015-11-28 00:00 UTC

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