Comments on PhpMode

I love the colored text, I love the status (PHPs:OK) or (PHPs:Error). I absolutely hate the (Special) buffer that splits the window or switches buffers in another pane. It pops up everytime I am too slow to close a quote string, closes parenthesis or braces. If I start a command and want to use the mouse to paste some other code from another buffer (common when working with SQL) then I am constantly hitting ^X1 or having to go reset the other buffer so I can see the code I wanted to paste from. I KNOW I will need to close a quote, the status mentioned above tells me that. It would be nice to have a mode to stop that. Instead I have to edit phps-mode-lex-analyzer.el and comment out the (display-warning…) statements.

Mike Bienek 2020-09-05 17:59 UTC

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