Comments on VbDotNetMode

Couple of minor tweaks are needed:

In the “func-start” regex: You want to change the “ “[Ss]tatic\\)” line to read “ “[Ss]tatic\\)?” – i.e., none of the Public/Private/Friend/Static modifiers are actually required.

In the “sub-start” regex: a) I notice there’s no “Shared” modifier for “Friend” like “func-start” defines. I really don’t know VB: is there a reason for this or did you just miss that? b) Stick a “?” at the end of the “[Ff]riend\\)” part of the regex to make all the modifiers optional.

The “flymake-ler-make-ler” function seems to have changed: you’re passing two “nil"s at the end of that call which (at least in my flymake version) is one too many – drop the last nil.

ErikKnowles 2013-10-18 17:39 UTC

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