Some keybindings are used for similar commands in different packages. This page aims to keep a track of commonly used keybindings so that library writers can refer to it when deciding which keybindings to use.

This list is by no means exhaustive and you can refer to the standard keybindings, keybindings in popular libraries such as DiredMode and OrgMode, or keybindings in libraries similar to the one you are creating for more ideas. Note that C-c is the standard prefix key to use when defining your own major-mode (see Major Mode Conventions).

Please contribute to this list, and if there are any disagreements we can straighten them out in discussions below.

Commonly used keys

C-n / C-p / etc.standard movement commands for navigating items (see Moving Point)
C-w / C-y / etc.standard editing commands for editing items (see Killing)
g refresh buffer
TAB complete item / move to next item
/filter items
q quit/exit (prefer q to ESC)
ESC quit/exit (prefer q to ESC)
C-h help (don’t shadow the built in help commands unless you have to though)
F1help (don’t shadow the built in help commands unless you have to though)
e edit
C-e edit
C-s save
m mark item
#mark item
u unmark item
U unmark all items
C-+ / C-x + / C-c +increase something (e.g. volume, font size)
C– / C-x - / C-c -decrease something
C-c C-c execute the next “reasonable” action in a sequence, as implied by context (e.g., compile; VC commit; toggle Org checkbox)

Proposed keys


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