See WikiOrganization for some info on how the pages are organised amongst each other.

  1. Find the appropriate category on the SiteMap. Note: The category names are abbreviated in the links used on the SiteMap page – for example, CategoryKeys is abbreviated as Keys. It is the full name that you must add to a wiki page (see #4, below) to add it to a category.
  2. Edit the category page and add a link to the new page. See NamingNewPages for more.
  3. Follow the newly created link to the edit page.
  4. Enter the text, add a link back to the category page, and save.

#2 and #4 help readers find your new page when they look through a category page:

You can also create a new page by URL munging. Just edit the current URL to point to a new page which doesn’t exist. The new URL might look like this, for example: