cua-lite is a replacement of the CUA emulator package for Emacs. It was last updated in 2003. There are three things that make this package different from the others already out there:

  1. it is a quasi-minor mode, meaning that it can be turned on & off easily (though only globally; hence the “quasi-”)
  2. it is easily extendable
  3. it does NOT attempt to override the existing use of <Ctrl><X> and <Ctrl><C> (use CuaMode for that)

In addition, it was designed to encourage people (individually as well as site admins) to make the package available for use without actually loading it.

The latest version can be found at:

See the source for details on the various ways to install & load the package. At its simplest, put this file on your LoadPath and add the following to your ~/.emacs startup file:

    (require 'cua-lite)
    (cua-lite 1)

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