Suppose your code offers a variable holding a long list of entries. Users may add to this list using custom. Once they save their changes, however, the entire list will be saved. If you change the standard value in a later release of your package, these users will never see this – or they will have to merge their saved list with the new standard list manually.

You need to implement a diff-list. A diff-list is like a normal list, but with a crucial difference: You specify which entries to delete from the standard value, and you specify which entries to add to the standard value. This will be saved into your users ~/.emacs file. The standard value itself is not saved.

Here’s how it will look like in a custom buffer (I am using mm-automatic-display from Gnus as an example):

Mm Automatic Display: [Hide] [Value Menu] Modify the standard value:
Add to and remove from the standard value
Items to add to the standard value:
[INS] [DEL] Regexp: alex
[INS] [DEL] Regexp: barbarella
Items to remove from the standard value:
[X] text/plain
[X] text/enriched
[X] text/richtext
[X] text/html
[X] text/x-vcard
[ ] image/.*
[ ] message/delivery-status
[ ] multipart/.*
[ ] message/rfc822
[ ] text/x-patch
[ ] application/pgp-signature
   [State]: you have edited the value as text, but you have not set the option.
A list of MIME types to be displayed automatically.
Parent groups: [Mime Display]

Instead of saving the complete list:

 '("alex" "barbarella" "image/.*" "message/delivery-status" ...)

The additions and removales themselves will be saved in your .emacs file:

 '(diff-list ("alex" "barbarella") ("text/plain" "text/enriched" ...))

For the implementation, see AddToListWidget.

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