I am Dabian. I use Emacs. I have been using GNU Emacs for over a decade (written at (2005mar11)) at various levels.

Lately I have taken up the interest to study a little Elisp, and I find it quite interesting.

Mostly I write code to use with Lisp:mudel.el written by JorgenSchaefer.

At the time of this writing, I am trying to solve the problem of either emulating a database, or using one:

Here is a data structure:

(field1 field2 field3 field4 field5)

Imagine this list in a list of lists like this list. (Pun intended)

((list 1) (list 2) (…) (list n))

What I want to do, is to be able to sort the list of lists on for instance field3. I havn’t figured out a way to do it yet, except a very tedious one. Then again, I’ll apropos sort real soon and check if there is any suggestions.

Try this:

      (defun my-sort (a b)(> (nth 3 a) (nth 3 b)))
      (setq temp '((This list entry 1 of 3)(that list entry 2 of 3)(Another list entry 3 of 3)))
      (setq temp (sort temp 'my-sort))

You can always sort the result of copy-sequence if the original sequence must remain intact.

Thanks! I am trying it out!

I guess an even better sollution might be a list simultar to this list, pointing to the same elements, but sorted on a different field.

Let me describe the problem more specificly:

More specificly, imagine you have a shop that sells books. Each book has the followering stats: (book-number book-spell book-school book-tier book-level)

book-number is usually in range 1-999, but if you buy book number 1, all the other books changes number accordingly, if you buy book 998, then book 999 will be renumbered to 998.

book-spell is the spell you can learn about from this book.

book-school is the “school” the spell in the spell in the book is taught by. As a casting player in this game, you have to decide which shools you prefer. Each school has 8 tiers. Each school has an opposite school, so if you learn Tier 8 spell in divination school, you cannot study spells above Tier 1 in alteration school. If you only learn spells of Tier 5 or less in divination school, you may study spells up to Tier 4 in alteration school. You can always learn Tier 1 spells without penalty.

book-level is the level of the spell. Level 1 is of course entry level, so if you don’t know a spell, you need to read a level 1 book first. In other words, you cannot make sense of a level 2 book, before you read a level 1 book of that spell. If you read a level 1 and a level 2 book of a given spell, you may still benefit from reading another level 2 book, but you will only want to do se, if you cannot get hold of a level 3 book. Books may have up to 10 levels, though its uncommon to find books higher than level 5.

Now, with 700+ books in the shop, I would like the program to know what spells I have, what Tiers I take in each school, and then present me with a usefull list.

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