Who I Am

I’m a laboratory technician in Buffalo, NY. I was introduced to emacs and unix at work and my computer hasn’t had any microsoft based product installed on it in several years.

Articles I've Contributed to Or Worked On

AimClient – For what it’s worth I added the part about ssh tunnelling.

EmacsNewbie – I’m still working on a book review of O’rielly’s Learning GNU Emacs 2nd Edition. I think I may have to pull if off onto a seperate page if it gets any longer

My WishList for Emacs Wiki

Visit My Web Site

http://www.mathjunkies.com is my home on the web. (It’s a work in progress!) My e-mail is danSPAMLESSmathjunkies.com Replace the SPAMLESS with an @ to boggle spammers.

Welcome! – AlexSchroeder