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Your link to an ErikNaggum USENET flame thread on Google is broken. While I’m talking to you; the GnuFans dot-net Wiki is broken (submissions don’t work) – AaronHawley

Thanks for fixing that link. --AaronHawley

How can you be contacted? Your homepage is down and the respective email doesn’t work anymore, nor does another email I found in some of your libraries. Are you going to distribute your Emacs libraries again sometime? – JonasBernoulli

A copy of the email I sent to you:


I maintain a mirror of Emacs packages at which includes quite a few of your packages. This packages are regularly and automatically synchronized to import newer versions. Recently I noticed that this started failing and that your homepage at is down. Actually the complete domain is down.

So I was wondering if you are going to put your homepage and especially the Emacs packages up again there or somewhere else. If that domain is gone for good and you do not want to setup a new homepage I would recommend making your packages available on

If you do that please create one repository per package. I import git (and other) repositories containing exactly one package or plain files hosted using http or ftp but I do not import repositories that bundle together unrelated libraries.

Making your packages available on github might even be a good idea if you don’t personally use git and/or do no longer want to maintain these packages. It might increase the changes of somebody else volunteering to do so. If you do go that route and are not comfortable using git I can help you with the process.