What is that?

This is a rather complete set of functions for interacting with, a “social bookmarking” project developed by Joshua Shachter.

Other than low-level API functions implementing the various Delicious requests, DeliciousEl provides commands to conveniently post new bookmarks, as well as search, display and update existing posts from within Emacs. Some integration with other Emacs modes such as emacs-w3m is also available.

The project also includes documentation in Texinfo format.


DeliciousEl was originally developed by JohnSullivan, and then continued, partly rewritten and now maintained by Štěpán Němec.

Current status

A new version will be released soon. The development version available in the dev branch of the repository (see below) should be perfectly “production-ready”, but as I currently only use a quite limited subset of the functionality, I might very well be missing something. Bug reports and other constructive feedback much appreciated.

Note that right now (2011-11-10) the API is in a rather broken state, so a release is not going to happen until the post-acquisition-by-avos dust settles down on the Delicious side. I fix issues as I bump into them and still use delicious-el (the tip of the dev branch to be precise) with the current API without problems, but consider yourself warned. – Štěpán

Update (2012-6-21): Nothing changed. The API (posts/add) still requires comma-separated tags when posting (specifically so that you can use tags containing spaces), but posts/get returns the tags space-separated, so there’s no way to distinguish them. I have no words (I wrote to them about the problem last year when writing the paragraph above). Anyway, as long as your tags don’t actually contain spaces you should be fine. – Štěpán

Get it

A Git repository can be found at

For those who prefer tarballs, a snapshot can be had.

John’s original home page is still at