Diff mode is a standard Emacs major mode for highlighting and navigating ‘diff’ output (See WikiPedia:diff). From the source file, diff-mode.el:

  ;; Provides support for font-lock, outline, navigation
  ;; commands, editing and various conversions as well as jumping
  ;; to the corresponding source file.

The cool thing about editing diffs in diff-mode is that it automatically updates, with (almost) any change, the respective line numbers in the diff. A new meaning of “hand-edited” diffs. Pretty cool. If you don’t want to see diffs, try EdiffMode.

Some improvements to DiffMode include:

If you modify the diff file with something like ‘M-x flush-lines’ or any command that would edit in multiple places in the buffer in multiple hunks, then it won’t be caught by Diff mode’s ‘diff-post-command-hook’ or ‘diff-after-change-function’. You should run ‘M-x diff-fixup-modifs’ on the entire buffer by marking the entire buffer with ‘C-x h’.

When editing a hunk, it would be great to have the line numbers be updated in subsequent hunks. Instead you need to apply the patch and regenerate the diff to get the new line numbers.

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