Hi, I’m dim, an Emacs user, and I seldom contribute to it:

I also maintain a PostgreSQL oriented blog at http://blog.tapoueh.org/, which is entirely edited with EmacsMuse.

Welcome to the wiki! We have to start somewhere… :)AlexSchroeder

Hi Dimitri, possible FAQs re el-get:

  • Are there hooks for overriding el-get’s way of dealing with each recipe’s configuration of ‘load-path’ and ‘require’? I need it to fit in with an existing complex .emacs.d setup.
    • You can override :features to nil, at least, per package… the use case isn’t part of the current design, sorry
  • Does the darwin-specific functionality always assume the existence of /Applications/Emacs.app? Some use Aquamacs; I use “standard” (X11) emacs from MacPorts under /opt/local/bin. – PhilHudson
    • No longer, it now has ‘el-get-emacs’ which defaults to (concat invocation-directory invocation-name)