I use Emacs on both IBM ThinkPad and Sharp Zaurus SL-C860

I use EmacsWikiMode as PIM on my Zaurus to maintain my own personal and other information.

Also I maintain eEmacs – Emacs-like editor (ersatz emacs) for Psion PDAs (5mx, Revo, works under Linux/FreeBSD/CygWin as well). For more info see

Я использую Emacs на всех компьютерах, включая КПК Sharp Saurus SL-C860.

Я использую EmacsWikiMode на Заурусе в качестве PIM.

Кроме того, я делаю и сопровождаю Emacs’оподобный редактор eEmacs для карманных компьютеров Psion (5mx, Revo, также работает под Linux/FreeBSD/CygWin).

Usefull Things

Modes I use

There are a couple of modes and packages I constantly use on my Zaurus with Emacs:

All my version of the packages you can find here: [1].



Welcome to the EmacsWiki Dmitri, your EmacsRefManRus is really good aproach for newbies! --ZajcevEvgeny

Note that pages can have Russian names, too. So you could create a new EmacsWikiIntroRus with a Russian name. And link to it from КартаСайта. – AlexSchroeder

Done – DmitriBrechalov

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