DuckDuckGo-el DuckDuckGo is a web search engine with an easy API.

Lisp:ddg.el is the EmacsLisp API for “The Instant Answer API” for searching and retrieving this kind of results from DuckDuckGo:


Lisp:ddg.el just have two main functions:

In the asynchronous case when the request has finished, ddg will call the function passed as parameter ‘FUNCTION’ with the result as a parameter. The result will be a JSON parsed list(take a look at the ‘json-read’ function at the JSON package).


    (defun myfunc (res)
      (setq results res)
      ;; ...
      ;; ...
    (ddg-search-asyn "site:emacswiki duckduckgo-el" 'myfunc)

Small but useful, I like it. – XueFuqiao

[new] When I was writing this I thought that the API presented at could be used for searching strings on the web, like if you use the textbox in the page… but no, it implemets other caracteristics. I’ll update this page now! – ChristianGiménez