I’m an embedded firmware developer who has been using Emacs since 1983. Thought it was about time I started giving back.

I’m currently using emacs on windows, but occasionally use it on Sun OS as well. My primary use is for C/C++, Java and various scripting languages.

I recently wrote a major mode for Procomm Aspect scripts at Lisp:procomm-mode.el.

My .emacs file(s)

I keep my .emacs file in a SVN repository on Assembla here:


My .emacs is basically a launching platform for a bunch of task-specific customization files that are conditionally loaded based on where I am using Emacs (home, work, Unix). The customization files that actually do the work are located in a “dotemacs” folder:


You can see my entire usr/home (including all of the support packages) here:


Welcome to the wiki! Giving back is what it’s all about. :) – AlexSchroeder