You might prefer to use electric help instead of help, via:

    M-x load-library ehelp
    (global-set-key "\C-h" 'ehelp-command)

Electric help mode does the following.

  1. It will automatically switch to the help buffer when called, saving you from pressing ‘C-x o’.
  2. Will shrink the window to fit the contents of the help buffer.
  3. Displays key binding information about using the mode in the EchoArea.
  4. Upon quit returns the window configuration to the way it was. Regular HelpMode has the habit of changing the window configuration, even after quitting help.

Stuck in Electric help?

If you use electric help often, you will find that Emacs often gets ‘stuck’ in Electric Help. viz. you keep seeing the message: “Press Space to bury the help buffer, Press R to retain it >>>” or “Press h for help ...” in the echo area, long after the electric buffer is dead.

To get rid of this, simply invoke electric help again, say by ‘C-h f endp’ and press ‘r’ to retain the buffer.