Despite the idea of closing the Ohio Emacs Lisp Archive, this is still alive, but not updated anymore. Therefore, is now a historical archive, where can be found more than 30 MB of .el and tar files.

The classic anonymous ftp access changed to

Even the original index web page can be viewed at

A copy of the final state of the archive is available on github:

The Ohio Emacs Lisp Archive is closed. Use the ElispArea instead.

 From: ColinWalters
 Subject: closing of OSU Emacs Lisp Archive
 To: undisclosed-recipients: ;
 Date: 02 May 2001 12:15:30 -0400
 Organization: The Ohio State University Dept. of Computer and Info. Science


If you are receiving this message, hopefully you are one of the people who has submitted an entry to the OSU Emacs Lisp Archive. If not, I apologize, as my “grep” must have accidentally pulled in your name 😊

Due to time constraints and duplication of functionality, I currently plan to close the OSU Emacs Lisp archive as soon as Savannah allows for non-GNU programs.

Savannah is a much more advanced technology; it will allow for CVS access, web space, etc. And the Emacs Lisp List and Google seem to be much better resources for finding particular EmacsLisp programs. But I currently do plan to keep the OSU archive open until Savannah is fully operational, and probably some time after.

I think this change is for the better, but if you feel otherwise, please feel free to say so, and why.