PeterMilliken wrote ELSE, the Emacs Language Sensitive Editor—a minor mode for Emacs. He claims that using it requires no lisp knowledge (unlike SkeletonMode and TempoMode).

It comes with a 20+ page users manual. It allows the generation of textual templates from either abbreviations or other mechanisms i.e. does the same job as tempo or skeleton but you don’t have to understand EmacsLisp to get it working. You don’t have to read the code either.

version 1.22 (works with Emacs 19 - 24):

Douglas Harter has made some additional templates here:

version 2 (works with Emacs 25+) - a complete re-write - available here:

RonLusk writes: I used Vax LSE for years, and my first task when encountering a new language was writing an LSE template for it. (The meta-first-task was writing an LSE template for LSE, which I see is not in the repository: I wonder if I have a copy in my archives…) I have begun to want LSE features again, only because facing something like the SQL syntax for MS SQL table definitions is burdensome without them.

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