A simple interface to weblog servers which present the REST Atom API.


Supports editing raw entries with nxml-mode, or EmacsMuse for creating new entries. Since it is not currently possible to transform XHTML into Muse text, it is not currently possible to edit already created entries as Muse entries.


Currently works with blogger and with livedoor.

Supports any authentication present in URL, as well as WSSE authentication.

Should be as international as Emacs. Known to support English and Japanese; author has posted entries in Russian, Hebrew, and Greek, copied from emacs HELLO text.

Works on GNU Emacs 21 & 22(CVS).


Download it at http://purl.org/net/emacs-atom-api/emacs-atom-api-latest.tar.gz.

Helping out

Read TracGuide for info about filing bug reports, etc.

Supplementary packages

Feedback is highly encouraged.

Oh, and please note that this is even more unstable than the Atom API spec, whose very name changed as the author was writing the elisp.