EliZaretskii maintains the port of GNU Emacs for MSDOS and MS Windows (notice that there is a separate EmacsForWindows). You can download precompiled versions with the latest DJGPP archives. Choose a mirror and see → current → v2gnu → emacs.README.

The emacs.README file contains crucial info about what’s in the other 10 zip files and how to install them and get started with Emacs on MSDOS/MS-Windows platforms.

More from Eli:

It might be of interest to Windows users that this version of Emacs supports long filenames (only on Windows 9x and Windows 2000 - not Windows NT) and the Windows clipboard (all versions of MS-Windows). It also supports multiple frames, but they all overlap, like when Emacs runs on a “glass teletype” terminal.
People who would like to run Emacs on plain DOS (as opposed to Windows) will need to download and install a DPMI host.

Choose a mirror and see → current → v2misc → csdpmi5b.zip.