Emacs and related packages in Debian GNU/Linux

One can obtain Debian and Ubuntu packages newer than those included in the official versions, as well as build from source: see details here.

Debian related Emacs libraries

One can find lots of Emacs-related Debian packages with its search engine or with your favorite APT package management tool.


    install-info --section '[Dd]esired Section Name' 'New Section' --description='Manual Title' manual
    install-info --section '[Bb]ooks' Textbooks --description='Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs' sicp


Please remember: The debian bug tracker is the prime place to report bugs in emacs packages. Keeping this list current is much easier if you add these infos:

Avoiding Issues with Site Wide Init Files

The init files of the external packages should not, by default (or through an option), be loaded at startup, unless the user (or the administrator) declares (require ‘external-packages-inits) or requires packages or their init files individually.

Most debian packages that contain add on el files that would be installed site wide actually already do this.

If a specific package installs itself site wide, and you later decide that this is not what you want, you can always remove the offending file from /etc/emacs/site-start.d/ This change is sancrosant, and a Debian package will not later reinstall this file. (If it does, please file an RC bug using reportbug with Severity: serious)