OliverScholz wrote on news:alt.religion.emacs:

Didn’t Pascal believe that it was better to be a believer, because when you die:
  1. if there is a god, you get the benefits.
  2. if there ain’t, then you’re no worse off than an atheist.

That’s not the whole story. According to Pascal (a 17th century Roman Catholic) you do have to guide your life in a different way to gain immortality after death. This basically means that you have to put an ascetic element into you style of life. So it is not true that “you’re no worse off than an atheist”. All he says is that – my own words -- this is a very good investment, though, because the potential interests are so incredibly high.

But this point of view has two problems:

  1. you have no way to second-guess “god’s” motivations. How do you know that she is really pleased with “believers” that came to her because of gambling? How do you know that worshipping matters at all? Perhaps the only way to gain eternal happiness is to wear a green hat on each monday? Or does it depend on the text editor you choose?
  2. You have no way to tell, which deity you should worship and which religion you should follow. Maybe there are several deities and they all insists that you worship their divine community as a whole? Or if there is only one deity: Should I be a Christian, a Jew, a Moslem …. If Christian, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Protestantic? Or more to the point: should I worship Emacs or XEmacs? Does it even matter?

Questions about questions. All in all I’d say it is a safe bet to use Emacs. You gain happiness on earth for sure and if there is really a heaven.el after M-x death, then you even gain eternal life.

Comment: This point of view has another flaw: If you are religious, then not only are you an enemy for the other religions, but they are enemies to you instead (you have to fight the others). If you are an atheist, you can just ignore their fantasies and concentrate on the really important parts of life :)