The Emacs Lisp List (ELL) is the authorative source of all Emacs packages. It is maintained by StephenEglen.

Warning: as of 2012-01-13 The ELL is badly out of date. Out of the 1266 URLs it contains, more than 50% are either dead, non-responding or moved.

Current locations:

The major mode used to browse the ELL from emacsen is ell.el:

Feel free to create new pages on this wiki to discuss packages in the ELL.

A Copy on the Wiki

A copy is available on this wiki. See WikifiedEmacsLispList. It makes no sense the edit the WikifiedEmacsLispList! The real ELL by Stephen continues to be the “leading” collection of links. If there are any mistakes in the wikified list, mail Stephen directly. If you feel that the wikified list is really outdated, you are invited to re-wikify it.

    From: StephenEglen
    Subject: ELL and the Emacs Wiki
    Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 11:15:28 -0500 (CDT)
    I'm happy to continue updating the ELL, after all I probably receive
    just 2-3 emails a week suggesting changes/broken links, so it is not
    such a huge load for me at the moment.  Perhaps the wiki would be
    better suited if the ELL was more rapidly changing, but it seems
    pretty slow-changing at the moment.

I run the following script from a cronjob to copy it.

ell-to-wiki.pl | wikiput \
    -s 'copy from the master site' \
    -u 'EmacsLispList' \

You can find wikiput on the Oddmuse site. [1] You’ll need ell-to-wiki.pl, too.