See EmacsIcons for small Emacs icons used in menus or launch bars, as well as the old kitchen sink icon.

See EmacsPowered for images people use on their web pages to declare allegiance to the their favorite editor.

Splash Screen

Emacs splash screen The logo on the Emacs splash screen is by LuisFernandes; there’s more information on how it was designed on Luis’ logo-related webpages. Its freely scalable SVG version is available on Wikimedia Commons.

Community Logo

Emacs community logo The Emacs community logo used on this wiki was designed to serve as a symbol for the Emacs community, trying to describe the openness, freedom of choice and drawing some visual inspiration from a wagon wheel, the peace symbol and the circled A often associated with anarchism. It was designed by DanielLundin.

The Emacs community logo is available under the GNU General Public License. Daniel also articulated a few humble wishes regarding use of the logo. The SVG source is available.

GNU Head

GNU head Note that the gnu head is not the Emacs logo – it is just an image used on the web pages of the GNU project. Their art gallery has all sorts of gnu variants. Gnu heads have often been used for as icons for Emacs, however.

We also keep a copy of the gnu head’s SVG source. (A free license is presumed, but we’re not certain.)