EmacsMeteo is a general emacs interface to provide meteorologic data. Although it is currently in alpha status, the code feels ready for public usage. Don’t blame me if something does not work, blame the code instead ;).

At the moment, EmacsMeteo cannot provide a list of weather stations. Instead, you need to find them on the web (or whatever) yourself and insert an appropriate URI.

Obtaining emeteo

GnuArch archive

Check it out via our gnu arch archive: hroptatyr@gna.org--archiveemeteo--dev--1.0 at http:/arch.gna.org/emeteo/archive


Installing emeteo

Put in your .emacs:

    (require 'emeteo)

and some of the frontends, for example:

    (require 'emeteo-modeline)

Then M-x emeteo-modeline RET

General usage

Further interfaces

Emeteo is intended to work as a backend. Any actual functionality visible to the user is provided by frontend modules.

Currently there are following frontend modules: