This is a reference for an EmacsNewbie of commonly used Emacs key sequences. See also:


Buffers and Windows

Cursor Motion

These commands move the TextCursor and Point:


See also: Undo.


See also: CancelingInEmacs.

Whitespace Edits

See also: Indentation and Filling.


Selecting and Modifying Regions

Copy, cut, paste, select all, …

See also: Region.

Query-Replace: Search & Replace Individually or Not

Query-replace literal string matches:

`M-%string-to-find ‘RET’ newstring ‘RET’

Query-replace regexp matches:

`C-M-%regexp ‘RET’ newstring ‘RET’
(newstring can in fact be a pattern that reuses the regexp in powerful ways – use ‘C-h f query-replace-regexp’ for more info)

When query-replace is in progress:

Other Simple Editing

Repeating Previous Commands


Common User Access (CUA) Keys

CUA keys are available with CuaMode, this includes ‘C-c’, ‘C-x’, ‘C-v’ and ‘C-z’ and visible region selection. This mimics the familiar behavior found on in Windows, Mac and Motif.

VI Keys

If you are used to the ‘vi’ editor and you want to keep using ‘vi’ keys instead of learning Emacs keys then consider trying ViperMode or EvilMode.

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