A bunch of Usenet groups exist for Emacs.

Generic groups

comp.emacs, news:comp.emacs
Emacs and XEmacs related stuff. archive at Google
comp.emacs.xemacs, news:comp.emacs.xemacs
XEmacs related stuff. archive at Google
gnu.emacs.help, news:gnu.emacs.help
Emacs related stuff. Non free stuff is frowned upon (such as recommendations for certain books). Archive, archive at Google
gnu.emacs.sources, news:gnu.emacs.sources
Emacs Lisp source code for Emacs. Discussion is discouraged. Archive, archive at Google
gnu.emacs.bug, news:gnu.emacs.bug
Bug reports and feature requests, see also EmacsMailingLists. archive at Google
alt.religion.emacs, news:alt.religion.emacs
This group is dedicated to Emacs as a philosophy or religion. See CategoryHumor. archive at Google

Some groups specific to Emacs packages

gnu.emacs.gnus, news:gnu.emacs.gnus
Information about the Gnus package. archive at Google
gnus.gnus-bug, news:gnus.gnus-bug
Known Gnus bugs. archive at Google
ding, news://news.gnus.org/gnus.ding
The Ding list is for the CVS version of Gnus. archive at Google
Information about the Emacs ViewMail mail package. archive at Google
Bug reports on the Emacs ViewMail mail package. archive at Google

Other newsgroups

sfnet.atk.ohjelmistot.emacs news:sfnet.atk.ohjelmistot.emacs
A generic Emacs-group in Finnish, eli yleinen Emacs-ryhmä suomeksi. Googlen arkistoimana

Some newsgroups that have more or less existed at some point in time, but whose existance in the current point is not known include the gnu.emacs.sex for those who truly feel passionate <3 <3 <3 about their most favourite editor and legendaric comp.talk.emacs.recovery for those who’ve come to notice their passion’s grown wrong.

Some of the EmacsNewsgroups are also available as mailing lists, in addition to the actual, real, proper EmacsMailingLists. And vice versa. Generally it is better to read and post news. Some of the gateways don’t work too well, however. When reporting bugs, for example, make sure you use the M-x report-emacs-bug command instead of posting to the newsgroup.

One bidirectional gateway is Gmane. Emacs has it’s own hierarchy there called gmane.emacs, most of which the Emacs-related lists populate. Its directory is at http://dir.gmane.org/index.php?prefix=gmane.emacs. Some lists have been categorized differently though, for instance the MH-E groups are under the gmane.mail hierarchy. Use the [1] Gmane search facility if need be.

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