Support for VMS was removed in Emacs 23. It was announced to info-gnu-emacs.

Allegedly, Emacs 21 builds are available from the “Freeware CD”.

An Emacs cheat sheet for VMS EVE users is at:

I’m currently porting GNU Emacs 21.2 to OpenVMS 7.3-1, and summarizing progress in this space. When the work is done, only build tips will remain. --ttn

Current status
Rather than make everyone wait while I puzzle out the copyright status of old VMS-specific files, I’ve decided to expose the work-in-progress so others can play, too. Details are available on the Emacs for VMS homepage:
What works (that is, reproducibly w/o too much manual tweaking)
Configuration, “dump”, file read/write, byte compilation, timers and unixoid select(2) emulation, multiple subprocesses (synch and asynch – implies dired, comint, compile, and so forth), colors on console, filename completion (with “magic” right square brace and slash keybindings), network operations via open-network-stream. Yes, that means M-x zone in color over ssh from a VMS box. “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” (HST)
Release methodology
The “public releases” will actually be in the form of checking things into the GNU CVS repositories, updating the Emacs for VMS page, and making the occasional announcement to gnu-emacs-sources.
Feel free to ignore the lunatic ramblings in this section.

Field Reports

Since there is no mailing list, this section is for those intrepid spirits wishing to share experiences and tips building Emacs for VMS.