Emacs is often used to write presentations (using outliners like OrgMode) but less often to give presentations. It’s perfectly possible though.

One view of a good Emacs style presenting tool

I just saw a presentation given with JMP (proprietary statistical software), and they used an outline to organize and present the material, with interactive outline hiding during the presentation. The other nice feature was a dynamic underlining of the topics by the speaker as he talked. Is there some way to do this in Emacs?

elpoint? http://elpoint.sourceforge.net/ (requires unknown ftp user/password for download) You can download it directly using CVS: http://elpoint.cvs.sourceforge.net/elpoint/

not quite – the presentation was more like an outline in an editor, with a peculiar folding and hiding mechanism, kind of like a depth-first traversal of the tree, with only the previous siblings, parents, uncles, and others showing up as it traversed.

Supposing we had an outline like this, with text under each item:

 A -- Alpha
   1 -- alpha 1
   2 -- alpha 2
 B -- Bravo
   1 -- Bravo 1
   2 -- Bravo 2
 C -- Charlie
   1 -- Charlie 1
   2 -- Charlie 2

And were only on the B.1 item, all that showed was:

 A -- Alpha
 B -- Bravo
   1 -- Bravo.1
 This here is the text for the bravo 1 outline entry.  
 I have a number of sentances and paragraphs supporting this outline point.

In the JMP presentation I saw, some action at a point in the outline would open/raise and execute another frame with code in it. I’d really like to do something like this with EmacsSpeaksStatistics and maybe Sweave mode. The feature I really like is the interactive/serial nature of the presentation and the dispatching of code doing something.

For instance, imagine an outline with a few URLs in it, which reveals itself as above, and, when properly tickled, tells Mozilla to display the appropriate URL. In emacs, you’d have the organized outline and some notes to share, and in Mozilla, you’d have whatever it was you wanted to talk about.


Experience giving a presentation with org-presie

NicFerrier gave a presentation to ThoughtWorks about Emacs, Lisp and Elnode. It worked quite well. The main problem was the fixing of font size.

NicFerrier made framesize to deal with that, it makes increasing the font on a frame easy. It’s automatically installed if you install org-pressie.

Wrt zooming frame text, see Zoom Frame, in particular, zoom-frm.el. – DrewAdams

Experience giving a presentation with org-present

NicFerrier is giving a Skillsmatter talk on the 19th of February 2013 using org-present.

Both org-present and org-presie are just outline based presentations. org-present is better overall though it doesn’t quite do what the above JMP story does. That sounds nice.

It would be nice if a different view of the buffer were possible in presenting mode… in presenting mode there would be a single frame with large fonts and no modeline… this is a use for indirect buffers?

Both org-presie and org-present have structural requirements on the outline buffer that should probably be absent. A presentation tool should just descend through the outline.


An alternative way to making web presentations using emacs can be found here: http://museslidy.net (dead link as of 10/15/2015)