Emacs and SVG

The SVG patch for emacs was accepted 20070822. This means SVG images can now be displayed with emacs! You need to have librsvg2-devel installed, and it needs work before it can be used on other plattforms than X. Type C-c C-c to view an svg file as an image or add (auto-image-file-mode 1) to your .emacs.

I think Emacs and SVG is a very good match!

For instance:

I have 2 applications in particular in mind:

Editing SVGs

To get auto completion and validation of SVGs using NxmlMode, install the schema from NxmlModeSchemas.

it would also be neat to integrate Inkscape and emacs, particularily with EmacsXembed patches

Emacs, Inkscape and DBus

There is a DBus enabled branch of Inkscape on Launchpad.

Emacs has a neat DBus facility.

Heres demo integration code:

(defun  inskcape-test ()
    ((desktop (dbus-call-method
               :session "org.inkscape" "/org/inkscape/application"
               "org.inkscape.application" "desktop_new"))
     (rect (dbus-call-method
               :session "org.inkscape" desktop
               "org.inkscape.document" "rectangle" :int32 100 :int32  100 :int32  100 :int32  100))