Interfacing to weather services on the net:

There is also a WThreeM w3m-search-engine-alist on WThreeMSearch for weather.com.

Try this:

 (diary-weather "http://wxp.eas.purdue.edu/foredat.cgi/KSTS")

with cal-desk-calendar.el (desk calendar style extensions to Calendar/Diary by DaleGulledge)

The weather.el link from the WikifiedEmacsLispList is no longer available, does anybody know more?


The first time I try to use xml-weather-today-at or xml-weather-forecast-at, I can enter in the city just fine. Using the TAB autocomplete on Location will generate a “defvar ignored because url-request-data is let-bound” warning, even though autocompletion will work and will list all the cities of the name I entered. No weather information is retrieved on either the first or any additional queries due to “url-retrieve-internal: Symbol’s value as variable is void: url-request-data”. The ticker will run but not display anything other than the initial “Contacting host: xoap.weather.com:80”. Any ideas what is causing the url problems? They happen whether nor not emacs-w3m is loaded.

Use it like that:

M-x xml-weather-today-at RET

City: name of your city (NO COMPLETION HERE)

Choose a place: Hit TAB here and select the name the more appropriate.

May be try with another city, sometime even if the city is referenced, it is not available yet, you have to try later.

I use xml-weather every day with no failure since months.

If it still not working for you, contact me on the mail address you will find in source file header with a recipe explaining clearly the step you followed and the configuration you used (did you subscribe to xml-weather?).