This page needs attention!


So some content here needs work, so Lets make this happen.

One of the ways I can see doing this is through a top down approach, by setting up a bunch of “wiki projects” with some discreet goals in mind, and any who are interested in that project picking a goal, and working with it.

How can you start a project?

Just do it up?

How can you contribute to a project?

Another method is to go from the bottom up approach. If you find a page that needs help, then tag it with CategoryNeedsAttention. If you have a few spare cycles, hit up pages tagged with CategoryNeedsAttention and see what you can do to fix it.


JavaScript Project

Ideas, and todo list


org-mode Project

I’m new to org-mode, but the OrgMode page looks like it could use some work.

Ideas, and todo list


Helm (formerly Anything) Project

Ideas and todo list

Congrats to Helm (formerly Anything) on its new name change! There is a bunch of anything code on the wiki that is getting waaay out of date, so this is a great opportunity to fix and update it.


WikEmacs integration

Does anybody want to play RMS and replicate/rewrite the WikEmacs information?

CategoryNeedsAttention CategoryEmacsWikiSite