The Emacsmirror collects Emacs Lisp packages and distributes them in form of Git repositories — one per package. The Emacsmirror can be found here on github.

Mirroring the Emacswiki

Most of the packages from the EmacsWiki are being mirrored just like packages distributed elsewhere. A few have have been left out for various reasons.

The respective repositories on the mirror contain the full history beginning with the 30th August 2009 though the commit messages are just timestamps. Since the 20th November 2011 they are potentially meaningful.

You might also be interested in the Git repository which mirrors all pages and files from the Emacswiki.


You can contribute to the mirror by reporting new packages.

If you maintain some packages yourself please check if the most recent versions are being mirrored. (Some packages have been imported manually because I could not find upstream. In this case new versions won’t be mirrored automatically.) Otherwise inform me where they can be found.

Of course you don’t actually need to be it’s maintainer to report where some missing package can be found.