This package allows you to add entries to an embedded changelog in an Emacs Lisp source file, like this:

  ;;; History:
  ;; 2002-02-27  Michele Bini  <mibin@libero.it>
  ;;   * embedded-changelog.el (embedded-changelog-add-entry): Left
  ;;   margin set to 2.
  ;;   (embedded-changelog-write-file): Return true.  Use
  ;;   set-buffer-modified-p.  Ask about adding a Code section before
  ;;   adding an History one.
  ;;   (embedded-changelog-left-margin): New variable.

To install it add the following to you ~/.emacs:

  (autoload 'embedded-changelog-add-entry
    "/path/to/embeddedchangelog.el" nil t)

To use it invoke M-x embedded-changelog-add-entry while visiting your emacs lisp source file. You will be warped to a buffer editing the changelog. When you save the buffer the changes will be saved to the original source file with proper indentation/filling.

Elisp source code: Lisp:embeddedchangelog.el.

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