Also known as ecl or sometimes eclig. I live near Munich, Germany.

In my free time I like to hack Scheme (also MeatBall:SchemeLanguage), play with TheOneTrueEditor (I use Emacs since 18.58) or ride my road bicycle. I’m a member of The ChurchOfEmacs.

Some of my interests are FunctionalProgramming, ExtremeProgramming, MeatBall:ArtificialIntelligence, GnuEmacs, LispMachines, FreeSoftware, etc. I would be happy to make contact with people sharing similar interests, specially people who live inside their Emacsen.

For an overview of my interests see my bookmarks at http://del.icio.us/eclig. In particular you find my Emacs bookmarks at http://del.icio.us/eclig/emacs. My keyboard bookmarks may be also of interest for some here.

I decided to not contribute to the current Internet flood and refrain from blogging. Let’s see how long I will keep with this ☺

You can reach me at eclig <at> gmx.net. I speak German, English and Portuguese.