So, you wanna help for the new ErbMsg module, the memoserv-esque message notifier for ErBot?

First I have to notice that ErbMsg is far from being complete. So use this page here to get me (hroptatyr) todo-requests.

So here are the key features (some of them aren’t done yet)

The good thing about all this is, I guess, there will be a comprehensive user specific control of ErBot because one of the premises is that erbot interacts with certain users (those who have messages) and does not with others.

So how does it work now in detail?

Detailed HowTo

All examples are given presumed you’re on #emacs@OPN (thus have fsbot as ErBot instance)

Leaving messages

fsbot: memo nick your message here

So a successful session could look like:

    #somechan> fsbot: memo kanaldrache FIX emms-modeline!
    <fsbot> msg memorized for delivery

Now, the message is memorized for that user and will be announced when either the user joins the channel or requests the pending messages.

(Note: Magic words cannot be specified by the user at the moment.)

Other forms of leaving messages:

Leave a message to a group of users

fsbot: memo for nick1 nick2 nick3: your message here

Now each of the users nick1, nick2 or nick3 will be notified. Furthermore, the messages are still independent of each other, i.e. nick1 can flush his/her memos whilst nick2 and nick3 keep them.

Leave a message to a channel (and hence any user there)

Who should use that one? However it’s conceptional, either.

Getting the messages

Although notifying that there are messages is always enough, you may come to situations where you actually want to see their contents. ;)

To make ErBot inform you about new messages, either join the channel or request pending memos with ,memos.

ErBot will notify you like this

    <fsbot> erm, deego, 1 msgs pending, see them? [type ,notice/,query/,post/,flush/,no/,memo-help]

To actually see the memos somehow you need type:

Those further commands are:

More advanced requesting

For those who get more messages than oxygen molecules with a single breath, here are the more advanced requestion techniques:


    12:38 <kensanata> ,memo sunir EmileKroeger is banned from Meatball...  His IP
        is  (based on
    12:38 <fsbot> oops, error.  Symbol's function definition is void: fs-based
    12:38 <kensanata> ,memo deego memo seems broken...
    12:38 <fsbot> msg memorized for delivery
    12:38 <kensanata> weird.

Is the (foo) stuff evaluated?