Here are some bots (alphabetically) that use ErBot | who runs them | the wikis they usu. keep track of | and the channels they hang out on:

namemaintainerpurpose or corresponding wikiIRC channels they hang out on
fsbot deego, #emacsers Emacs Wiki, Community wiki #emacs, #fsedu, #dunnet, #gnu, etc.
plugbot MichaelOlsonKnowledge tracking, Purdue Linux Users Group Wiki#muse, #pulug on freenode
plugb0t MichaelOlsonAIM interface for plugbot Add plugb0t (name contains a zero) to your AIM buddy list and chat with it
singbot DeepakGoel“singularity bot”, sl4, singularity wiki, AI wiki, futures wiki #singularity at freenode) and at
hurdie JoseEMarchesi“”#hurdie #hurd-es
pbot aurelien[ Parabola GNU / Linux-libre #parabola on freenode

I would be interested in knowing any uses of ErBot. Please add your notes, experiences, anything 😊 to this page or to the list above.

More info on bots: